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Ricardo, March 12, 2009

Very fast same day turn around, friendly support - Boomerang added days to my trial because the system was not accepting my address for a couple of days, then added more days because a disc was scratched and an extra day because I returned the game too close to trial end date. They don't send multi disc games 1 disc at a time like Lovefilm but I had to cancel because they offer no pay in advanced discounts and have less titles & platforms than others.

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Andrew from Durham, February 4, 2008

Although i haven't tried any other sites except Boomerang and LF i feel the customer service is second to none and the game turn around is excellent although the free trial you don't get your highest priority games (my first game being lowest priority which was a little strange) after which your games arrive within 1-2 days of being dispatched for 7.99 a month you cant go wrong.

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Robert from Essex, October 10, 2007

I have been using Boomerang for 4 months now for wii games .
I must say as far as customer service goes its five star all the way .. I have sent e-mails a few accusations and they all came back polite and quickly

On the down side the first game I wanted was tiger woods golf . I put this at the top of my list on day one and after 4 months I still have not received this game. If its more popular games you after this is not for you .but if your looking for quick dispatch and nice people go for it

I have now canceled my subscription more to do with royal mail strike action and not so much to do with Boomerang.

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Chris from W Midlands, August 2, 2007

Not too impressed with these guys! Switched over from Gamesfrenzy as the turnaround was quite slow only to find the Boomerang service slower! Have been with them a total of 2 months so far (inc. their free trail) and have only recieved 2 games - both of which I had for about 3/4 days. Will stick with them a bit longer to see if things improve. If not I might try swapgame or gameflirt

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H, July 14, 2007

Excellent service, game turnaround is brilliant, always get my top games next day delivery (Post strike doesnt help though!), customer service is fantastic. By far the best game rental company on the market. If you want a decent service then try these guys. Keep up the good work Boomerang.

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Wes from Midlands, May 12, 2007

1 month gone, answered all my questions within 24 hours. Impressed, turnaround is excellent, choice of games is very good, and service is second to none. Keep up the good work Bomerang.

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Del from London , February 21, 2007

Before opening my account, I called them and asked all my questions about thier service. Customer rep was polite and very helpful. I opened my free trial accound, added 15 games to the pipeline, and then an hour later i was sent my first game for the 360.

The game arrived the next day. So far top notch service. I selected the 2 games unlimited deal (13.99) and am not too bothered which games i get as i want to play them all anyway.

I used to be with gametart who also provide good service but boomerang seem to be cheaper and just as reliable. Plus they have the 360 games i want to play.

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Mark from London, January 20, 2007

Very very poor service!!!i started my trial and selected a few games on the list, next thing i know, a game which i never chose pop up my mail box and after i returned it, i hear nothing from them for 2 weeks. it looks like a good deal guys, but im not sure how long before you realise you made a bad decision for choosing this.

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Mike from Epsom, December 11, 2006

Very poor service. I have been waiting for a game for nearly 1 month, they reset my free trial period but that made no difference I'm STILL WAITING so have cancelled my subscription and will look elsewhere

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James from Cheshire, September 15, 2006

Having previously rented from both Screen Select and Screenplay for prolonged periods of time I decided to give Boomerang a try after reading positive reviews on this site. I was amazed when my top choice title was immediately dispatched less than 2 hours after opening the account! This was a stark contrast to the two aforementioned rental services with whom I had an account open for months whilst never receiving a title near the top of my list (or anywhere else most the time). Great value for money and the only rental service I've found so far that seems capable of dispatching Xbox 360 games.

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Steve from Coventry, April 27, 2006

Very impressed this far. I have been with them for a month and have rented a good selection of games and always received my 1st. or 2nd.
choice game. (Mosty 1st.) I find the website very good compared to others and the list of coming soon titles is updated regularly. I have had to their customer service and the response was very quick and satisfactory. I rent games for Xbox360 and PSP and have saved a lot of money in just 1 month. I highly recommend Boomerang.

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Chris from Borehamwood, April 20, 2006

Been with Boomerang for a while now. Their prices are very competitive, although this reduced cost seems to be a result of their site being unreliable and unfortunately only once out of about 6-7 games i've rented have a got my top choice, and recently i've not even got any of my top 4 choices. On a good note they do get the games out to you quickly.

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Neil from Nottingham, March 08, 2006

Have been a member of boomerang now for three months. Joined when i got my xbox 360 as i did not want to pay £50 a game. Boomerang's service is top notch. Games are sent out really quickly and there has only been one occassion when I did not git my first choice game, which is amazing really.
Customer service is also brilliant as they respond to emails really quickly or you can even phone them and speak to a real person. Highly reccomended

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Jon from London, December 29, 2005

I've tried a few games sites now, and I think, on balance, that I like Boomerang because its a small company - unlike the big guys who may have all the titles under the sun, but they may be damaged, take ages to arrive, get 'lost in the post' etc.The site is a bit basic, but its got what you need and the price is right. I was seduced by the 3 week free trail, but think I may well stay on...

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