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An OK choice for a film and games rental combination package, but pricey, and now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
Boxchoice Game Rental Review

Visit BoxChoice SiteBoxchoice ceased trading in August 2006 and its stock seized over copyright infringement, see following news item. We keep this review as it was for posterity.

BoxChoice are primarily a DVD rental company, but do offer a number of games titles too.

As with the other companies who offer both DVDs and game rentals in one package they can be a good option if you have a family or if you like films as well as games. Boxchoice, unlike similar companies offering both, has enough titles to be able to offer a games-only package, but, to be honest, if you were going to go for this you may as well go for one of the specialist companies who only offer games rental.

Of the companies that offer both DVDs and games, BoxChoice certainly isn't the cheapest and it doesn't offer a free trial for games rental, at present. However, it does offer a reasonable number of titles and therefore we've ranked it highly in the Games & Movies Table.

Prices: BoxChoice offers DVDs only (see our DVD Rental Guide), Games only and DVD & Games rental packages.

One game at a time £12.95, two: £16.95, three: £25.95, five: £39.95 for games only.

Their games & DVD packages are quite pricey: one of each at a time: £19.95, two dvds + one game: £24.95, two of each: £29.95, three dvds + two games: £31.95, three of each: £39.95.

Boxchoice Game Rental Customer Comments

Mark from Hove, December 22, 2005

II was on a DVD-only deal with BoxChoice, later switched to their DVD and Games rental package of 2 DVDs and a game - normally watch both DVDs over the weekend and play the game for a week or so, which works out well for me. I did think its a bit expensive though - especially as I'm not really getting through more than 3 titles a week, so am having a look to see if I can find a similar package cheaper with one of the other companies.

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Games at a time:
1: £12.95 (Unlimited)
2 : £16.95 (Unlimited) 3 : £25.95 (Unlimited) 5 : £39.95 (Unlimited)


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For DVD rental only

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