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Game Flirt is a newer, small company, but not as good as it once was, and now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
Game Flirt Game Rental Review

Visit Game Flirt SiteGame Flirt went out of business in late 2008--this review is kept as it was for posterity.

Game Flirt is one of newer games rental companies, set up in early 2006. The company was started by gamers, for gamers, to offer low-cost rentals for the next generation of consoles.

Unfortunately, the site appears to have gone downhill since late 2007, with more negative customer comments, their discussion board dying, and we frankly haven't seen as much improvement or growth as we'd have expected. As a result, we moved Game Flirt down our ranking tables twice so far in 2008.

Game Flirt currently offer about 880 unique game rental titles (though the site says 1,000+, we did an actual count on their site) for all the next generation machines. The number of titles is limited but is expected to grow as new titles are released; currently 110+ PS3 games, 250+ Xbox 360, 180+ Wii, 270+ PSP, and 70+ games for Nintendo DS (we hope this will increase, as there are tons more out there for the DS).

The website is well-designed, easy to browse with seven genres as well as new release, coming soon, and most popular listings. Each game has a full description and additional information and includes "Other games you may like" recommendations and games reviews from customers.

Game rental orders are fulfilled Monday to Friday, and Game Flirt sends an email confirmation when a title is dispatched. They also offer a purchase option--simply click on KEEP IT and you can buy your rented game at a discount. We used to note that Game Flirt had the highest level of positive customer comments in the business, but we've noted that customer opinion about them seemed to shift from late 2007.

Prices: Standard price plans start at £10.99 for one game at a time, two games out for £14.99, and £19.99 for three at a time. Game Flirt are currently offering a introductory rate of £9.99, £14.99 and £19.99 for unlimited one, two and three games-at-a-time package and have a free trial of 10 days for the one and two game tariffs.

If you like the service, we suggest you buy their six month gift service for £49.99, saving you 10 quid off the normal 1 disc at a time unlimited subscription.

Game Flirt Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Gameflirt Customer Review

Stephen from Chesterfield, 27 September, 2007

First I will say the website is great, easy to navigate and everything is crystal clear. Now for the service -

Cant say I'm impressed to be honest. The turn around on games is very slow and my first impressions of their customer service was very poor. I basically asked them about the 10 day free trial and the fact that with posting it would actually turn out to be a 5 day free trial (as they dont seem to deliver next day so with the weekend there was a delay) Instead of a straight answer I got an email stating the game I was getting.....As if to say here is your game now stop complaining....To be quite honest I would not have minded if their answer had been - " Im sorry but your free trial starts when you sign up and we take no responsibility for delivery times" - but to actually not answer a straight question was not on.

10 day free trial is not enough with gameflirts slow turnaround but Im sure they realise that. The games I have received have been from the middle to bottom of my list of choices and after a month I am yet to see my top 4. Still if you create a list you need to be sure you want to play them so Im not too bothered by what I have got.

It has just been the very slow turnaround, poor free trial and an experience of low quality customer service that I am bothered about.

I have given an average rating for an average service.

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Most Recent Gameflirt Customer Reviews

Mike from London, 7 May, 2008

What can I say other than do not touch Game Flirt with a barge pole. I am a Customer Services Manager and this company are terrible. All started well except for a 'Royal Mail' strike and games did arrive with me and arrive with them. However by the 3rd month I noticed games took 1-2 weeks to get checked in. ON top of that once games had been checked in they did not despatch any games back to me for days. I had to complain 3 times about the poor speed of service and not once did customer service apologies or offer any discount.

The final straw came this week when after two weeks of no contact I mailed customer services and requested an update. I was informed the game was lost. They did not send me a new game however and after waiting over 24hrs for Customer Service to respond as to why they had not shipped a game I cancelled my subscription. I had been waiting 3weeks for a game.

Read Colin from Liverpool's comments......use somebody else.

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Guy from Nottingham, 19 February, 2008

How slow? they send you an email saying they have received your game and they don't send another one out for days.

you can literally wait weeks to get another game.

absolute waste of time.

on a plus note the customer service is good.

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Colin from Liverpool, 7 January, 2008

Everything was OK (If you can call waiting weeks during the postal strike for games, although it wasn't directly their fault, there was no offer of refunds etc.) Recently cancelled my subscription and they are claiming they haven't received one of the returned games. Still billing me and saying Ill have to pay for "LOST" game. Not helpful in any way.

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John D, 27 November, 2007

TERRIBLE, do not rent from these guys, often wait for 2 weeks plus, even if you have a stocked list.

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Mr Smith, 20 November, 2007

Very slow service don't receive titles you have in high priority when you email you are just advised that the system will send them. Paid for 1st month already and still only have received one game. You do always get an email response and website is good but shame about delivery.

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Jack, 18 November, 2007

i was with Gameflirt, started off great, but got worse and worse. Sending games back and waiting for them to choose a new game for you can take days and days.

I've even waited 14 days for a new game to be picked. Never get new titles just old ones also.

I suspect they don't scan them when they come in after you have posted them back, so it looks like they haven't received them.

To me, this is just a delaying tack-tick.

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Wii (180+)
PS3 (110+)
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