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A short-lived game rental offering, very slick, but poor customer service comments and no Wii or PS3 support--now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
Gamers State Game Rental Review

Visit Gamers State SiteGamers State went out of business in 2008, but we keep this review as it was for posterity.

Gamers State is one of the newest additions to our listings, and w e have been impressed by the site design and layout. Initial reports of the service itself are favourable, but we'll need to wait and see how it develops.

The site is easy to navigate, well laid out and the search facilities are fairly comprehensive--and very necessary considering Gamers State holds a catalogue of over 2,000 titles at present (we wish they would break down how many titles they have for each platform though, so we could better compare). There is also a parental filter option allowing games above a chosen age classification to be filtered out of the list of available titles.

They have god coverage of consoles including those less well covered by other games rental companies; Nintendo DS and GBA. However, we're very surprised that they stock no Wii or PS3 games, which is disappointing. Turnaround seems to be fast, and we hope this will be maintained as their customer base increases. We haven't heard too many complaints on games being from low on the list either, suggesting they do hold a good number of copies of new releases and popular games.

Gamers State has told us that they have specifically tried to ensure that they have 'adequate customer service channels' for feedback and customer concerns, and DO offer a customer service phone number rather than relying on email. This should prove to be a real bonus as it is one of the areas the largest companies often fall down at. However, we do note that they seem to have received many customer service complaints in 2007.

Prices: Gamers State offer three price tiers, of one, two or three game rentals at at time which are in line with industry standard prices of £9.99, £14.99 and £18.99 respectively and are all unlimited rentals meaning you can have an unlimited number of titles sent to you in a month within your one, two or three-at-a-time limit.

Gamers State Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Games State Customer Review

Sarah from Staffordshire, January 31, 2007

One Star per category is far too generous for this company. They are the worst Internet-based company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Despite joining, we never received any games from Gamerstate and had to cancel our credit card to avoid further monies being taken from our account. They appear to have no intention of sending out any games, or offering any service whatsoever. One e-mail of mine was responded to, asking if they could contact me by phone. This was fine by me as I told them, however, I never heard from them again. A Customer Service telephone number sounds useful - not in this case. It is a high-costing 0870 number, permanently switched onto a Telewest Broadband answering machine. None of my calls were ever returned. In conclusion, avoid this company like the plague.
My experience of Gamersstate has put me off ordering over the Internet for a long time. This company is every Internet User's horror story come true.

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Most Recent Games State Customer Reviews

Alan from Durham, May 12, 2007

Would give lower ratings for Gamers State if I could. No game during free trial and no response to email sent. Can't edit payment option online either unlike other sites. Have sent cancellation email so hopefully won't get screwed as others have. May complain to Trading Standards if I have problems.

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Chris from Yorkshire, April 17, 2007

1 star is too generous, received 2 games in 4 months, emailed and phoned them to cancel my subscription (you can not do it on the site, crafty sods.) as i was not happy with the service, but was ignored and they continued to take payments for another 2 months until i made sure they could not take a payment from my bank, then they canceled my account. !!!!

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Glen from Kent, April 16, 2007

DO NOT USE, DO NOT USE if you do you will be sorry!! i joined free trial but never received any games from them. When i tryed to cancel i didn't get any reply from the email or there phone service. I have left messages & done all i can to contacted them.

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Kaz from Doncaster, March 12, 2007

Awful, just plain awful.
With them 2 months and only received 2 games.
And to top it off i returned a game over 2 weeks ago (And have a certificate of postage) and have not received an email saying they have received it, nor had anything dispatched. I have tried to contact them by both email and phone and have had no response at all. I will be calling my bank and telling them to cancel any payments gamerstate request. AVOID LIKE THE PLAUGE!!

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Carol from Hertfordshire, October 10, 2006

Woo Hoo! The first to review! Been with Gamersstate for about a month now. I was impressed by a nice looking site with easy search functions and a good range of kids games. Got the first game on my list the day after joining and then the first game once again when I sent that one back. I hope that continues. Havent had to contact customer service s yet but did get an email stating the end of my free trial was approaching as a reminder. This was about 3 days before so plenty of time to get a game back to them if I wanted to cancel.
Nothing more to say at the moment, everything has been good. I hope this carries on like this.

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Free Trial: 14 days

Titles: 2,000+
Film Rentals: no
Phone Contact: 0870 330 7332

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