Games Rental Industry Commentary

The games rental-by-post industry is an offshoot of the online DVD rental industry, which was pioneered by the US film Netflix, launched in 1999 to take advantage of the power of the internet and easy delivery of DVDs by post while eliminating hated late fees. The UK games-by-post rental industry remains small in comparison to the booming DVD rental-by-post industry, but the past few years have seen several games-only rental outfits set up, while in late 2005 one of the DVD rental giants, Lovefilm, entered the fray offering their own games rentals. Lovefilm now surpasses the best the games-only companies in terms of numbers of game titles offered, though hardcore gamers will likely prefer the dedicated games sites, their additional features, and focus on games only.

Like the DVD rental market, which is in explosive growth at present, the games rental market has completed its initial period of rapid expansion and is maturing. Many smaller games rental outfits have gone out of business, leaving the remainder all the stronger. Nonetheless, we believe there is room for over a dozen games rental players in the UK market, especially with the cost of purchasing games remaining so high relative to DVDs and game rentals. Companies will continue to fight for the rapidly increasing numbers of customers. So enjoy the free trials and cheap subscription fees while you can. We at will continue to guide the way with our reviews and rankings, helping you pick the best.

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