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Gamesfrenzy's new site design and massive inventory expansion in 2008 make it a top choice.

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Alan from Cheshire, January 3, 2007

Game availability is poor you never get a game on top of your list having recieved a xbox360 for christmas i put 15 xbox 360 games on top of my queue they sent me a 4 year old ps2 game at number 16.

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Steve from Telford, April 4, 2006

Signed up expecting to get a game at the top of the list, which I wanted, but instead got a game last on the list.I wish companies would make it clear that you won't always get the games at the top of list.

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Dan from London, January 25, 2006

Before I registered with, I used, which in my opinion offered a better package, price was very similar, I received games pretty much with the same frequency, 3-4 days turnaround from day of posting a game back to the day of receiving a new one. In terms of website design looks much more professional and is easier to look for game in a particular genre. My main reason to switching was that only did Sony games whereas also do GC and Xbox. With both companies it’s quite hard to get the most recent releases, in the 2 months I have been with I have received 11 games, 2 of which were very recent releases, Pro Evolution 5 and King Kong. I experience a problem with a game that was faulty, sent me a replacement game (although no the same title) the same day, this was very surprising to me as I though they would wait until they received the game back. If you are after Sony games only, I would highly recommend, if you want a company that offers games for other consoles, is a more than recommendable company, if you subscribe to the 2 games at a time and pay every 3 months in advance you pay £29.97 for the first 3 months (£9.99 per month) and £39.97 thereafter (£13.30) for a year it works out at £12.50 which is as far as I know the cheapest price you can get for a 2 at a time unlimited game rental. It might be worth trying because they also do GBA and DS and in general they seem to have a broader range of games.

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Sharney from Leighton Buzzard, December 29, 2005

Compared with Gamestogo (ok), Mchezo (pretty bad), and Gametart (great), I've found GamesFrenzy to be pretty good. Their turnaround has been very quick, and although they don't seem to have as many PS2 titles as Gametart do, they've had everything that I wanted. Overall I'll probably settle with Gametart because it costs the same and the choice os better, but I'd still recommend these guys.

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