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Fresh, new company with newly revamped site; they even let you manage your rentals through Facebook!

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Gamesmonster Game Rental Review

Visit Gamesmonster Site Gamesmonster is a slick new games rental company; it launched catering to the three newest consoles, Xbox 360, Wii and PS3, but in their November 2008 revamp, now offer games for the PS2, Nintendo DS, and PSP. They have a well-designed designed website in simple white and green, with a good search engine box on every page. Still, with all the games rental companies failing of late, we are concerned whether they will be able to compete and stay profitable.

We especially like their indications of when games in your queue will be mailed. They also have more information on each game than the vast majority of rental sites, including reviews, screenshots, and a summary of the game. Instructions are downloadable from the site, which is a major plus. Parental control option is also available. Their 'Keep It' price option makes it simple to buy a title you have rented out.

In November 2008 Gamesmonster did a major revamp to their service, including things like a new 10 day free trial on the one game plan, using a dynamic, drag-and-drop playlist, an online events calendar, and allowing players to tag games into groups. They now allow subscribers to manage their Playlist through Facebook--a really cool function we've not yet seen with any other company--definitely makes them a top choice if you use Facebook frequently.

Again, their main drawback is their relatively small size (1,500+ titles) and inventory compared to some of the larger companies, but if you have one of thee three next gen consoles, they probably have a selection big enough for you. To their credit, they have a Request function, so if there's a game out there they don't stock, they'll go out and buy a copy to rent to you.

We've heard good comments about them and a fair number of people signed up even when they had no free trial, so we've ranked them fairly high on the charts. We heard their mailing times and customer service are good, though they don't have a customer service phone number, doing everything online.


Prices: Gamesmonster have two tariffs: 1 game unlimited subscription for an industry standard £9.99 and 2 games for £14.99.

Gamesmonster currently have a special offer on their package 1 and 2 games-at-a-time packages of 6 months for the price of 4.

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Gamesmonster Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Gamesmonster Customer Review

Dave from Bolton , March 10, 2006

Had a few issues early on due to me choosing wrong package and their customer service was excellent sorted out within minutes.

Actually responded to every email within minutes as opposed to days with some sites, still awaiting responses from Blockbusters which I left with them weeks ago!

This resulted in me canceling my subscription and moving to GameMonster.

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Most Recent Gamesmonster Customer Reviews

Daz, October 25, 2007

Fab looking website, loads of helpful information. Had no problems so far. Joined up to the Gamesmonster forum and have met some nice friendly gamers.

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SC, August 7, 2007

Top site, tried a few but these are the best so far. Great new playlist strut cure, great design, good turnaround.

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Barry from Birmingham , April 16, 2007

After 4 months with the company I have changed my opinion of them.
Their website is very good, and they still have their friendly, quick email response. However, with no Wii game stock to back it up, the service is hopeless. One time I had no game sent to me for a few days after them receiving my game in the post. Only when they luckily had stock in of a new game, did they inform me so I could add it to my list for it to be sent out.
Apparently, the 10+ games in my list were all out of stock. Then when I sent that game back, I had the same problem. I could understand if I only had a couple of games in my list, but not when there are 10+ in there. A shame. Not recommended for Wii owners.

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Barry from Birmingham , January 26, 2007

So far, a great company. Firstly, the price is superb value for money. My first rental was sent out straight away (game no.2 on my 'playlist'). I have had a good few queries, and I have always had a quick non-automatic response from them. At first, the site wouldn't automatically log me in on each visit when I'd ticked 'remember me', but after I brought this to their attention, they fixed the problem- great! And the emails are very friendly too. I have confidence that if I ever do have a problem they will try their best to sort it out for me. Other than a couple of slight niggles, the site is well designed and easy to navigate. It could do with displaying which titles you already have added to your playlist without you having to go to your playlist to check. Overall, they look very promising, and I hope I will be a member with them for a long time to come. If they are reading this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their kind support so far.

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AAA, July 19, 2006

Joined on the one game a month deal to rent Xbox 360 games. The first game took a few days to come after I contacted them asking when I would get my first game despatched. When I returned it, they had not despatched another one a week later. Contacted customer service who I must say are quick to respond and apologetic. Cancelled after just one month as more than a week to turn around a game with a one game at a time subscription is too long. I do not think they have enough Xbox 360 games as every title I added to my list had Long Wait assigned to it.

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Games at a time:
£9.99 (Unlimited)
2 : £14.99 (Unlimited)

Platforms (titles):
Xbox 360 (420+)
Wii (200+)
PS3 (270+)
PS2 (450+)
PSP (90+)
DS (90+)

Free Trial: 10 days on the 1 game plan

Titles: 1,500+
Film Rentals: no
Phone Contact: no

Somerset House
40-49 Price Street
B4 6LZ

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