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New, slick site which specialises in new releases for the latest systems--now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
GamezGecko Game Rental Review

Visit GamezGecko SiteGamezGecko went out of business in early 2008, but we're keeping this review as it was for posterity.

GamezGecko is a recent addition to the games rental market specialising in offering only the latest game releases for rental.

They initially only offered PS2 and PSP rentals, but are now doing Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 games too, and continue to grow, with an all new site design for 2008.

The site has a simple, but easy to navigate design with a basic search engine that allows searches by console, and browsing by a range of genres. It also lists new releases, top rentals etc and has an editors choice feature. Games include a rating, description, screen shots and customers reviews where available. Games manuals for the games you're renting are available to download in the queued items, a rarity for most game rental sites. You do have the option to purchase any game you are playing for a 15% discount if you've kept it longer than 20 days.

The range of titles, 310+, is currently fairly limited because GamezGecko specialises in new releases - but if you just wish to rent the latest games this should be adequate, and may mean you get to play the new releases quicker than with some of the other companies. These include 50+ game titles for PS2, 90+ for XBox 360, 40+ for the Wii, 80+ for the PSP, and 40+ for PS3, and a token 12 for the GameCube.

Despite their small size, they've gotten some rave customer service reviews. Unlike most companies, they do have a customer service phone line, which is excellent, but it does charge between 7 and 12p per minute to use; personally, we're happy to pay this pittance to be able to talk to a live person--we've found that not being able to is a major hassle if you have problems.

Prices: GamezGecko offers two price plans: the Gecko Teaser (one game at-at-time) for £9.99 and the Gecko Mania membership - two at-a-time for £14.99 a month.

Gamezgecko Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Gamezgecko Customer Review

Matt from Bournemouth, May 17, 2007

Very reliable and fast delivery service with a wide collection of Games. Very good communication, fast to cater to any problems which i experienced. A *** highly recommended, far better way then buying the damn games, saves ya a fortune and so much choice.

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Most Recent Gamezgecko Customer Reviews

Stu, 21 January, 2008

Top marks. Excellent service, well designed and easy to use website. Would defiantly recommend.

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Gavin from Edinburgh, 15 January, 2008

An amazing service. Very fast and reliable with a great variety of games on the 3 major systems.

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Josh from London, 14 January, 2008

Reliable, Fast and simple service with a wide variety of new games usually always get sent new games, great customer service much better than most other rental sites, Definitely would recommend Games gecko.

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Odun from London, 30 May, 2007

These guys are good in what they do. They provide efficient customer service and have a variety of games collection. I would definitely recommend them

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John, October 6, 2006

I suggest you don't use this service. I tried it out, and not only did they take my money before my trial ended, they took £25 out of me for a game they said I scratched. Try it if you dare, but if you want your money safe, do not use this site.

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5d9, September 19, 2006

Do not use Gamez Gecko, they take money out of your bank before they sent any games and before the free trail has started.

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David, August 6, 2006

These guys are great. I have always been able to get hold of the latest games on my list and now they are doing XBOX360 games as well. I would totally recommend them.

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Games at a time:
1: £9.99
2: £14.99

PS2 (50+)
PSP (80+)
XBox 360 (90+)
PS3 (50+)
Wii (40+)

Free Trial: 14 days

Titles: 310+
Film Rentals: No
Phone Contact:
0700 341 8472 (calls charged between 7 and 12p/minute)

P.O. Box 44279
Joseph Street
E3 4HW



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