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A bit rental package, one price...and credits for keeping the game longer; pity about the site problems--now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
Gaming R Game Rental Review

Visit Gaming R SiteGaming R went out of business; we're keeping this review as it was for posterity.

GamingR is an unusual site offering single rental package of one game at a time. However, each rental game has an associated price 'level' such that if you fail to rent games to the value of your subscription fee you will be given credits which can be used to buy games and accessories. If you keep a game for a full month you will receive 25% off its listed 'price' and therefore gain more credits.

Despite this quirky innovation, the site design itself is simple and disorganized. It allows browsing by console and alphabetically, but not by genre. The site also crashed while we were browsing giving a "Timeout expired" error. Selection also is lacking on some of the platforms. We expect better.

The company is run by James Pearson, who has been involved in the games industry since 1999 and is an avid gamer. You can email him directly from the site, which does appear to take customer service seriously.


Prices: GamingR do offer a rare one month free trial. The only price plan available is the one game at-a-time option for an industry standard £9.99; they really should offer a two game rental plan as well. Credits are given if you rent games to a rental 'value' less than this and can be used toward merchandise from the site. Please see the website for further details.

Also note, Gaming R charge their monthly fee to your account every 28 days - so its not a true monthly fee and therefore actually costs a little more than it suggests.

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