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Another games rental affiliate site, poor design, same price, nothing to set it apart; now defunct. We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best! Game Rental Review
Visit SiteLastminute has closed down its video game rental site as of late 2008; this review is kept as it was for posterity. games is a poorly rendered powered by site of Swapgame. This has advantages in that their range of titles is great, but as with most affiliate sites, the original is best - not just in poor site design, but often in quality of service, yet at the same price. There's simply no good reason why we can imagine someone preferring the poorer lastminute alternative to the excellent Swapgame original. do offer DVD rentals but not their games rental packages - only as a separate subscription, presumably because they use their affiliate Lovefilm to offer DVDs.

We recommend that if if anything about tempts you and its the games you're after go with Swapgame - and if you would like films too then you may as well go with Lovefilm.


Prices: games price packages are actually more expensive than their parent Swapgame site: unlimited games per month, two-at-a-time (£14.99). Game Rental Customer Comments



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2 : £14.99

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Xbox 360
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Free Trial: 10 days

Titles: 3,000+
Film Rentals: no*
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01676 549010

Contact: Ltd Customer Care Team PO Box 3795 Coventry CV7 8ZS


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