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Perfect for occasional use, without getting tied into a contract, but now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
Loafers Library Game Rental Review

Visit Loafers Library SiteLoafer's Library ceased trading in early 2006, but relaunched itself, which itself went out of business in 2008. We've kept the review as it was for posterity.

Loafers Library is an unusual site, offering an alternative to the standard UK video game rental plans out there. We understand they are under new management, and plan to launch a revamped site 1 February, when we plan to re-review them.

They offer a one off rental of one title that you can keep for up to 14 days for £6.99 - perfect for the occasional or busy gamer.

The site is pleasingly simple, and allows browsing by console, genres and through new releases, classics, etc. with recommendations. However, there is a fair amount of detail for each game listing. They allow you to download instruction in pdf format once the title has been posted to you.

On the down side, the catalogue of titles is very limited and for this reason we have rated them fairly low. There are other problems, for instance, they really need to add genres for browsing, one of the only game rental sites to lack them.

Prices: Loafers Library do not offer a free trial. The 'Unlimited Loafer' is a good budget option allowing one game at-a-time rental for £8.99 a month. there are three other longer term contract options available:

The 'Full Loafer': 13 games in 12 months for £72 (paid up front; equivalent to £6 per month)

The 'Budding Loafer': 6 games in 6 months (£45 up front; equivalent of £7.50 per month)

The 'Occasional Loafer': One game rental available for 14 days at a single transaction cost of £6.99/title

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Games at a time:
1: £6.99 (for 14 days) 1: £8.99 (Unlimited) Longer contracts available


Free Trial: no

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PO Box 13050
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