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Mchezo is slightly pricey, but has an easy to use website and an admittedly cool name--now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
Mchezo Game Rental Review

Visit Mchezo SiteMchezo went out of business, but we're keeping the review as it was for posterity.

Mchezo offers games for PS2, XBox, Gamecube and XBox 360, and will be offering PS3 titles as soon as they become available. The website is user-friendly with games arranged under tabs for each console. Recommendations include lists of most popular, new releases top rated, and coming soon.

The search engine can limit titles by console too and there are ten genres to browse for inspiration. They call your rental queue a GameQ, which can have up to 50 titles at any one time. They also offer gift subscriptions which must be used within a year, an excellent Christmas/Birthday present for a gamer.

The site browsed a bit slow for our tastes when visiting, but hopefully this is not a regular occurrence. In short, it looks like an okay service, but not much to distinguish it. There are no indications on the site whether they offer instructions/manuals for their game rentals.


Prices: Mchezo is a little more expensive than most rental companies with price plans at £10.99 for one game at a time to £21.99 for three at a time. Only their 2 disc at a time tariff is industry standard, at £14.99 per month. We can see little that justifies the additional cost relative to the other sites, so have marked them down on this basis.



Mchezo Game Rental Customer Comments



Tom, March 27, 2006

Me and a friend both signed up just after getting our 360s looking forward to rental games from Mchezo as they are so expensive to buy. We picked some games, and they came shortly after. So far so good.
Trouble is, after our free trial, we got charged and then had an email to say that they were shutting down the games rental company and that once we send the games we have back, we would not receive any more. The email said that I could still keep the games as long as I want, but would be charged the monthly amount until I send it back. A few weeks later we both received an email to say they had charged our bank accounts the full retail cost of teh games as we had not returned them. No warning, just took the money. I check my account and the money had been taken!
It was obvious from the various emails I sent to Mchezo that it is really a one man company and there is something fishy about him. over 3 months later than they said they had shut down, they are still taking signups!It was OK for me in the end, after some heated emails and legal threats, I got my money back. So dont not use!!!!!!!

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Key Facts

Mchezo Logo

Games at a time:
1: £10.99(Unlimited)
2 : £14.99 (Unlimited) 3 : £21.99 (Unlimited)

XBox 360
PS3 (coming soon)

Free Trial: 10 days or 3 rentals

Titles: Unknown
Film Rentals: no
Phone Contact: no

P.O. Box 810,
St Albans AL1 1WH


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