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Fairly new, simple site, with cheap prices and good range, though no free trial--now out of business We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
NimbleThumbs Game Rental Review

Visit NimbleThumbs SiteNimblethumbs went out of business in late 2008; this review is kept as it was for posterity.

NimbleThumbs is one of the newest additions to the games rental market, but already cater to all the consoles including PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. Games can also be purchased from the site including the one you are already playing with the 'Keep It' option.

The site has a simple, but easy to navigate design, revamped in early 2008, with a basic search engine that allows searches by console, and browsing by a range of genres. It also lists new releases, top rentals etc and has an editors choice feature. We especially like that Nimblethumbs lists release dates for games coming out in the next few months, and you can reserve these titles. The range of titles is fairly extensive for a newer company, at 1,200+.

Some, though not all games include a fuller description and review. Likewise, although there is a very useful "You might also like to try" recommendations at the bottom, these aren't filled out for many games, and some are not even sorted into genres, so their record-keeping needs a bit of work.

Customer service reviews have been mixed, with few very nasty comments, but a fair number who describe the service and site as merely average or a bit simple.

Prices: NimbleThumbs have put their prices up in 2007 but are still very reasonable - they have four price plans ranging from 2 games at-a-time for 29.99, 3 for 17.99 (currently one of the cheapest 2 and 3 game packages in the industry) to a 5 games at-a-time option for serious gamers at 27.99. There is currently no free trial available, but they hope to offer one in the future.

NimbleThumbs Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Nimblethumbs Customer Review

Sarah, October 16, 2006

I've been with Nimble Thumbs for about 5 months. At first the turnaround was very quick, I got my first choice games & there was good communication with customer services. However that changed for the worse.
Their game selection is limited, being ok for the PSP, quite limited for the DS and V. bad for the GBA. Because of this it was difficult to keep a good selection in my queue & as I would often not get my top choices I spent alot of time sending games back in the hope I would get better ones. Eventually I got fed up. I paid to have 4 games a month. I returned 4 to be replaced & although I got one game straight away, it took a week to get two more and 2 weeks later i'm still waiting for the 4th. I have sent 3 strong emails to customer service & have not received a reply. I went with them because their price for 4 games was 19.99 so v. good value but the price is going up to
22.99 & their service is not worth the trouble.

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Most Recent Nimblethumbs Customer Reviews

Paul from Glasgow , January 10, 2007

I was a member for 2 months. I emailed them to cancel and told them I would be posting the games back according to the instructions on the website.They said this was fine. 2 months later I discovered they were still taking money from me. I emailed and was told they never received the games.
I told them I was never happy sending them back not recorded or anything but I did it the way they asked. It looks like if Royal Mail lose the items the consumer is held responsible. This is ridiculous and I am still fighting the case, but I want an independent opinion about this. I did nothing wrong but I feel exploited. If I hadnt checked my credit card statement I would be paying them money every month indefinitely. They didn't even email me to say they never received the games at the time.

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I posted a complaint recently mentioning problems, but I have received a refund since then.

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Steve, November 02, 2006

The site initially seemed good with my first 2 games arriving reasonably quickly and both being from the top of my queue (new releases). Since then however, the site seems very slow at updating and sending new games out once you've sent back your previous titles - I send two back a week ago and my next two have been marked as "processing" for almost a full week now. I've emailed them and had no response. Whether this is a temporary blip I don't know but after around 6 weeks membership I'm starting to consider cancelling and looking elsewhere. I'll give them a bit longer to see if things improve but if not, I'd find it hard to recommend them to anyone else.

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JJ from the smoke , November 01, 2006

FOR: The price is the cheapest you will find and customer service is good as they respond to queries well. The choice of games is very good and all platforms are catered for. The website is a little basic, but serves the purpose adequately. AGAINST: They simply do not have enough games! You choose a minimum of 10 games in order of priority and they send you the first one they have. In 4 months I have NEVER received the first game on my list. They need to invest in new games or people are gonna jump ship. It also takes longer than it should to turn around the games - 4-5 days on average. VERDICT: Could be great, but needs to get its act together!

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Richard from Haworth , May 19, 2006

While I wouldn't disgree that the website design is 'functional' I have been nothing but impressed by the service received from Nimblethumbs so far. The turn around for all my rentals so far has been very quick. I've received games the day after they received my returns which is as quick a service as you will find. I am a signed member for life now.

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Ryan, May 18, 2006

The first thing i want to say is I think the site itself not the service is very basic and not very good to be honest. There are no user reviews and adding games is a bit of a pain. These aren't big problems but they do let the site down a bit especially compared to others like Nimblethumbs and gamesmonster.

Another thing is there isn't a proper account section in a sense. When you select account there is a drop down menu of possible things you want to change or do like change your address. There is then only a box so a message has to be sent to change things instead of being able to do it yourself which is a bit poor in my opinion and it means you can't even change your password. So if you forget it and they send you a replacement you have to use that one.

I found that the site has a very good selection of games and when I asked for two more I got a very quick response within the day and they were both added which I thought was very impressive. I had a log in issue and I also had a quick and pleasant response from their customer services.

2 games for £9.99 is great and the games are sent out quickly with no problems. I also like the fact that there is no branding on the actual envelope which is wise.

All the games in my queue are available so there has been no waiting for a game either which is an annoying problem I had with gamesmonster.

Based on the current customer service, amount of games available and the great 2 games for £9.99 option I'd recommend them and another benefit is they will be renting PS3 and Wii games once they're released which I'm looking forward to.

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5: £27.99

Xbox (150+)
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Nintendo DS (160+)
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