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An excellent games and DVD rental company with competitive prices and a great range and service--now defunct as it merged with Lovefilm We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
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Pete, September 18, 2006

I have been with Screenselect for over two years now and for DVDs they are great. But for games, oh my god, they are awful! The problem is that if I want games as well as films I need to go with Swapgame for £20 a month, and Screenselect for £15 a month, giving a total of £35! Why can't Screenselct sort this out so that customers have the choice of film or game without having to go to seperate companies? If you want games and films then I'm afraid it's seperate companies. I have 13 games in my selection and no films and have been waiting for over a week now with no delivery; Screenselect you suck!!!

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Pete from Cornwall , August 7, 2006

I'll agree with the others that it can be a bit of struggle to get games out of Screenselect as their main business seems to be DVDs, but I have rearranged my wishlist so all the games are high priority and DVDs are at the bottom and try to make sure I only have about a third of my wishlist as DVDs, and this way I do seem to get games more often than I was before. I do like being able to get my games and DVDs from one place at one price, and the turnaround is pretty quick. I tend to hang on to a game for twice as long as a DVD anyway (at least) so actually being sent DVDs while I'm still playing a game works quite well for me. Other than that, the site is well laid out and turnaround time is good, and they have a lot of titles, so I'm pretty satisfied and will stick with them for a while at least.

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Graham, August 5, 2006

This site is great for DVDs. It is, and i've got an e-mail o prove it, only providing the games as an addon and is not considering this side of the business with any great priority. While i myself have managed to get a game during my trial period, i recommend a few friends who have had nothing but trouble. I'll be cancelling during when the trial is over.

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Wayne, August 2, 2006

Apparently they are only new to game rentals.....that was their excuse for my waiting a week for a game to be despatched, and that was within the trial period. At least the cancel account button was easy to find on their website.

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William from London , July 22, 2006

It's impossible to get games from this company. I have had 6 XBox 360 games on my wishlist at the highest priority for over two months and in that time they've sent me over 30 movies and not one game, despite my writing to complain twice. They clearly keep very low stocks of games compared to movies - if you want games, don't bother with ScreenSelect.

More annoying though is that their *unlimited* package is in no way *unlimited*. For the first month they will turn discs around the day they get them back every time - I got about 24 in the first month. The very day my trial ended they started time wasting, and in the second month I got 12 discs. They seem to have a quota for their unlimited policy which you cannot exceed. On top of the fact that they don't work on Saturdays or Sundays (WTF?), if you're thinking you can get through 30 discs a month, think again
- 12's your limit. The practice of advertising an unlimited service and then mitigating it with a fair usage policy is a disgusting abuse of trust which amounts to false advertising and should be banned in my opinion.

ScreenSelect's site is well designed and easy to use, but the service you get is far short of the service advertised. They also have a sneaky way of discouraging you from canelling; you pay monthly, but as soon as you cancel you receive no more discs - so what do you do? wait until the day before your next payment to cancel of course. What happens? They tell you on the final "are you sure?" screen that they cannot cancel payment until all discs have been returned which of course they haven't been, because you left it too late. Cancel a week before the next payment date and send your discs back, otherwise you'll be paying for another month.

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Jack from Surrey, June 1, 2006

Because of the high cost of gaming i signed up to screenselect so that i could get 360 game rentals rather than paying over the top amounts for games i wouldnt really play that much. Screenselect offer a great range of games and DVDs, but it seems that they are not very serious about their games rental service. A month after signing up i have only seen 1 xbox 360 game (King Kong) even though my list has had only 360 games (around 26) on it except for three DVDs and one PS2 game. After only recieving the DVDs and PS2 games i removed all the DVDs from my list. It seems now that they are simply not going to send me anything as i have been waiting 3 days now for allocation of new games when before it was done within a day.

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Christoph from Ilford , May 30, 2006

I've had a few issues with getting games off these guys - I think they're more DVD-oriented, but have now worked out that if I keep the list in 'my selection' short they seem to send me games more - and I've now received Elder Scrolls so am pretty impressed as its in high demand. Will see how it goes in the final 2 weeks of the trial but may well carry on my subscription because I do like to rent DVDs too so it is convenient.

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Pete from Hampshire, May 25, 2006

These guys are great at movie rental, but when it comes to game rental they really suck... You can tell their site is written for movies and then games have been added on as an after thought, release date were wrong, descriptions were incorrect, and some titles were even under the wrong console. I filled my list with over 20 games, like they recommend!!! Yet it still took them over a week to send me a game that was at the bottom of my list. Another point I was then happy about was this 30 day free trial.. yes it is 30 days but you can only rent 6 games in that time, again POOR.

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John from Paisley (Scotland) , April 25, 2006

This company are quite good when it comes to renting dvd's they have a wide range including some older stuff and tv show boxsets.However there game rental service is terrible!!! i have had over 20 games on my rental list for well over a week now and i am yet to recieve one game(these are mainly xbox 360 games with one or two psp games as well).

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Ryan from Scotland , April 11, 2006

I Joined screenselect from Blockbuster who were the worst of the worst. Initially i was happy with screenselect until i wanted to rent an xbox360 game (o the pain) i selected the games i would like then as per i was prompeted to select more titles incase the ones i picked were unavialble. I thought fair enough so i selected all XBOX 360 titles avialble still it prompted for more. So i added some DVD's to make up the numbers, it seemed happy after that. so i left it and eagerly awaited my games. Postie comes and what does he have for me DVD's So i watch and return and wair postie comes again and again with more DVD's even though i selected them as not important. They never have games available so binned them. PS there customer service is terrible i was stunned at the poor support and the lack of willingness to help. AVOID!!!!!!! Wish i had could have saved a fiew quid.

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KT from Plymouth , April 9, 2006

Sooooo pleased to see Screenselect now doing games too - I've been renting DVDs off them for months so really happy to not have to subscribe to two companies anymore...

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