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An excellent games and DVD rental company with competitive prices and a great range and service--now defunct as it merged with Lovefilm We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
Screenselect Game Rental Review

Visit Screenselect SiteFollowing Screenselect's October 2006 merger with Lovefilm, the combined company is now tracked on the Lovefilm page.

The top UK DVD rental company, Screenselect, are now offering games rental too! Better still, their games rental is not a separate package of games only, and, unlike some other games and DVD rental companies packages, its not on a separate, higher tariff either.

We think Screenselect's games rental could turn out to be a real winner.

The site is easy to navigate. Games are easy to browse by console and then by genre. They also include recommendations such as hot lists, most popular listings, all time favourites, new releases etc. Should you choose to rent DVDs too, you also have access to a vast range (51,000+ titles).

Screenselect are currently offering games for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP and Gamecube and will also be doing games for Nintendo DS and GBA in the near future. They have a surprisingly large catalogue of titles, equivalent to the big games-only rental companies, of 1200+ games for PS2, 25+ for XBox 360, 700+ for XBox and also list for PSP (75+ titles) and GameCube (400+ titles).

By including games in their DVD package at no extra cost they offer a very competitive deal for games rental, with the bonus of DVD rental, and a fantastic free trial - which is currently extended even further from their standard 21 days to a unrivalled 30 days.

Games rental with ScreenSelect is fairly recent so we've heard limited feedback on their games service as yet, but from reviews on their DVD rental service from our sister site we know customer service is quite good for a large company, and any problems that arise can be resolved swiftly by phone instead of waiting for email replies. They do seem to be suffering a few teething problems with the games rental side of things - possibly demand is rather higher than they'd anticipated!

From our own experience, we suggest, if it is games you are after more than DVDs, make a disproportionate amount of your wishlist games, and keep your wishlist short - effectively encouraging them to send games out rather than DVDs.

Screenselect and Lovefilm will be merging in the future, and we will keep the site updated with any developments on this and any changes it may bring.


Prices: Screenselect offer three price plans: 1game/DVD at-a-time for 9.99. For 2 at-a-time and 3 at-a-time games/DVD rentals, Screenselect out competes rival companies with charges set at 12.49 and 14.99 per month respectively.

Screenselect are offering a rare 30-day unlimited disc free trial (their normal free trial is only 5 discs within 21 days).To take advantage of the offer, click our "Start Free Trial" button below and then when you reach the Screenselect site, enter promotional code TDV30 and press the grey "Go" Button next to the special promotional code; DO NOT press the red "Get 5 Free DVD rentals today" button, or you will not get the special, 30-day offer.

It is possible (and unlike other companies, easy) to cancel within the free trial period. If you cancel sometime after subscribing, Screenselect will likely contact you a few months down the line offering a "2 months for the price of 1" deal if you come back.

If you have used Screenselect, or any of their ScreenSelect-powered DVD rental sites before it is unlikely that you will be eligible for a second go at their free trial.


Screenselect Game Rental Customer Comments
Featured Screenselect Customer Review

Geoff from Swindon , July 09, 2006

Although I haven't used Screenselect for games that much, I've been with them for over a year, since Mailbox Movies merged with them (which I joined over three years ago). Between the two companies I've rented over 170 DVDs and none of them have ever gone missing in the post, the envelopes are well designed and they send the next DVD very quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, and as you can prioritise your request list into three categories, as long as you put all the games into category 1 and the DVDs into Category 2 or even 3, the chances are that you'll get more games than DVDs come through.

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Most Recent Screenselect Customer Reviews

Chris from Sheffiled , October 3, 2006

I'm over half way through my trial and by keeping just one DVD on my list at a time I've managed to get a fair amount of the games I wanted, the priority system doesn't quite work as well as I hoped, but they probably
have limited stock of games anyway. I opted for the 3 disc trial since it lets you change package at any time. I'm thinking about going for there new £5.99 1 disc (max 2 per month) package, which is a real steal for games
really since I'd most likely be keeping a game for a few weeks anyway. I'd get slightly annoyed if they sent low priority stuff out to me and wasted a rental but I'll just have to keep a close eye on my list. I've never seen a package for as low as £5.99 so I think this is worth mentioning. Also they appear to be merging with Lovefilm, I hope this doesn;t affect their gaming library, since Lovefilm only do PS2 and PSP.

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Pursey, September 18, 2006

Excellent for films but I recently put mainly games on my list and have not received anything at all for over a week. My emails were ignored until I finally received one saying - we are primarily a DVD rental site. So
I've closed the account. Don't bother using their games service.

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