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Spencer, 22 April, 2008

Tried for a few months and then stopped as i had tried most of the games i wanted to try . however when i subscribed i was due a free game to keep it is now 3 months past the date i cancelled and still waiting for the game and all i keep getting is the 'suppliers are out of stock and you will get yours as soon as it is available but look in the shops are there are loads , so where do they get theirs?? customer service is very bad.

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Mark from Birmingham, 1 February, 2008

The service for the first 12 months was superb, but the last couple of months the turnaround has been appalling. when you email them they say game must've been lost in post, only for a few days later to say, its ok we've found it.

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Darren, August 2, 2007

Tried to sign up this evening, went through the registration process giving personal details. After the completion of signing up tried to log in and was met with access denied over and over again. Total amateur site who need to shape up because im ready to ship out!!!!

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Dave, July 3, 2007

Although I was sent games, their customer service is dreadful and very slow. I had to contact SwapGame everytime I returned a game as, the games I had returned still showed as outstanding on my account, basically they are lazy.

Be prepared to do a lot of chasing up with this service if you become a member of swap game.

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Neil from Stockton, July 1, 2007

Swapgame were superb at first. I was with them for a year and then the turnaround and standard of games started to get worse. Often games wouldnt work and the turnarond sometime took forever. I went without a game for two weeks at one point.

On the plus side when I complained they did offer myself free weeks and were great at answering any queries.

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James, April 4, 2007

I agree with Grant. Been a member of Swapgame for 6 months but over the last month the turnaround has been very poor. Also sometimes they don't receive your games back. I'm 100% positive i posted them. Good at first but now i will seek out another.

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Mike, February 19, 2007

I would just like to echo what Grant posted below. No complaints thus far and I found their customer service to be excellent when dealing with any problems that I have had. There will always be problems renting games online as everyone is reliant on the postal service to do their job correctly. The mark of a good company is how they deal with these problems and swapgame gets the thumbs up from me in that regard.

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Phil from Carmarthen, December 15, 2006

I was with Swapgame for approx 18 months and let me start by saying that for the 1st year they were excellent....,

But (and there is a big but) the last 6 months they were bloody hopeless.
There was a very sharp downturn in game turnaround and service. I have now suspended my membership as it is a waste of money. I was paying for 2 games at a time yet for the last 5 months of membership almost never did I get 2 games at a time!!! So I was paying for 2, yet only getting 1 and the turnaround time was very slow, some times up to 7 - 10 days. Sometimes then only when I had complained did they send out a game.

I complained several times and was once given a "free" 10 days membership (payment date shifted y 10 days)... however NO BLOODY GAMES CAME so my free days were absolutely useless weren't they.

They started off excellent but I guess they got very over subscribed. After 5 months of continuously useless service and useless customer care I have left. I'm going to try elsewhere.

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Grant, November 20, 2006

I wanted to post this about SwapGame as I think they are being given a rough deal by other forum postings. I have tried all other games rental services and these guys are the only ones who have the stock of the latest games, get the games you want to you fast, and provide the best website and customer service.

Swapgame provide rental services for the likes of CD Wow and Gamespot - they couldn't do this if their service was not up to scratch. I've been with them for over three years and whilst I was tested other services, i came back to SwapGame as their service is far superior.

A word of warning on the other posts, are they genuine or are they other games rental companies using this site to bad mouth the competition? - Free trial with each company first to see how good they really are - this will give you a great comparison - don't just take comments at face value.

On another note, SwapGame do require games to be returned with a certificate of posting only when cancelling/postponing your account - this is fair enough as they need to get their games back safely and it ensures customers don't get charged for non returns.

All in all an excellent service - keep up the good work guys - don't take too much notice of the other forum posts. I'm loving the service.

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Terry from Cornwall, November 11, 2006

I've been using SwapGame for some 4 months and have rented aprox 20 games, I find the service excellent and it is allowing me to play the latest XBOX360 titles without spending £40+ per title. I have tyhe option to rent two games at once and utilise it to the max, if a game is rubbish I send it right back whilst keeping hold of the games I like until I have finished them.

All that I would say against SwapGame is that in order to get the best out of the site you need to keep your rental queue upto date on a weekly basis.
Irattic postal service would sem to be the only spanner in the works.

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Mark from Coventry , October 10, 2006

A bit of a poor performance from these guys. Customer service is crap with limited hours only for telephone enquiries(I work during these hours)and emails take days to be answered in a conventional templated way sent to appease any issues you may have. I was sent a game so far down my list I dont think scientists have even developed a number that high yet! But on a serious note. I am not happy with these people at all. To add insult to injury, I sent my game back and requested they stop my free trial. This game wasnt logged back into the system until the day after the trial ended (3 days later) so my account was debited with the monthly fee.
A word of warning to people who have good experiences with thteir free trial. Once you decide to continue, Your next payment will be taken One month from the start of your trial, not the end of it so essentially there is no free trial for those who decide to rent from them.

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Corey, September 27, 2006

Well im enjoying my whirlwind first month with swapgame or "shitgame" as i now call them (lol rofl lolz xddd....). Their site often makes it impossible to search for your desired game which is a fine start.
Every game sent to me so far has been below 15 on my list (which are usually just included to make up the numbers so i'm essentially getting a game I dont want). What a total waste. They need to buy more than one copy each of any game released in the last 12 months then maybe we can get a reasonable service.

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Walter from Northampton , September 25, 2006

Good customer service and also good for value. Unfortunately website slow loading and needs to improve concept.

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Jeoff from Wales , September 09, 2006

this hire company is rubbish never get games you want when they do send them it takes forever ,they are just rippin people off when you try and leave they said last game didnt come back , your better off joining someone
else and leave this rip off company to it !

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Jason from Portsmouth , September 07, 2006

I wanted to cancel my membership i returned the last game i had rented but it took weeks for them to get it which was not their fault it was credited to my account three days after the billing. i asked them if i could have a refund because though they never got the game back to after the billing date i had no outstanding rental games and could not help the postal delay they said they could not offer a refund as their system did not allow it they said my account could be frozen and if i ever chose to reopen the account,the membership would start from when i canceled around a couple of months later i desided to unfreeze my account to use my remaining few weeks rental. three days later i am billed for another months rental. swapgame denied that they said what i told them i was told so i ended up paying two months for one months rental.
From the rental point of view i had no problems with games being sent out and alot of the time from the top of my list, the site was as slow as hell though and i mean SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW but if you do not plan on leaving their site,
you should be pleased with their service and their ex rental games are well priced,and their telephone number is not a 0846 or 0870 one so if your with bt option three,it is as good as a 0800 number just bare in mind if you plan on leaving their service send the game back well in time of your billing and bear in mind,if you freeze your account for a time when you come to have it unfrezed again do so just after your billing date otherwise you will be billed again and they will NOT refund you.

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Craig from the Midlands , July 22, 2006

I hate swapgame I signed up to the service after reading an article in the OXM magazine and within 4 hours of joining the site I was billed a late return fee of £44.97 even though I had never had a game from the company.

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Craig from Kent , July 04, 2006

Tryed to cancel due to very slow and poor service and now they are saying a game i returned is missing and i have to pay £26.99 to cancel my account very very bad site try boomerang instead

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Tom from South Yorkshire , May 15, 2006

Ive tryed the rest these are the best.I cant fault these on anything brilliant all round.The best rentel company out there.

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David from Stirling , April 8, 2006

I thought Swapgame were a good company right up until I went to cancel with them. They sent me an email stating one of the games I returned to them was scratched and unplayable, and they are charging me the value of the game because of this, and then cancelling my account. I tried to dispute this with them, as I only played the game once, it worked fine but it was a load of rubbish, and then it was sent back.

The only reason I went to cancel with them is because my Xbox broke, but when I get it fixed, I definitely won't be signing back up for them.

Oh yeah, another time I returned another game to them that they didn't receive back. They sent me an email saying I was to get proof of postage for EVERY game I sent back to them other wise if it goes missing in the post, I'd be liable for the charges. That meant having to visit the post office everytime I want to return a game, instead of any postbox.

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John from London, April 1, 2006

Cool company who mails games quickly and have an excellent selection for both my PS2 and PSP. Also has that extra bit of detail, member ratings, screenshots, things like that which are very handy.

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Michelle from Stevenage , March 08, 2006

I signed up to SwapGame last month after previously being with Gamesfrenzy and Gametart. I have been happily surprised at their quick turnaround and games selection. Generally I regularly get my top games, their games selection and website are far superior than the rest.
Customer service is quick and friendly. The best outfit by far.

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Jason from Kent, February 11, 2006

Terrible Company. Website is either extremely slow, or totally down. Just joined up, waited a week for a game, game didnt come, mailed support, no reply. Service is pathetic, so cancelled.

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Chat from Herts, February 2, 2006

I have just finished my first month of full swapgame membership and am pleased to report that the service has continued to be as good as it was during the free trial - I seem to get my top choices most of the time and they arrive quickly. I thought one had gone missing in the post but it did turn up eventually and swapgame were really good about it when I contacted them about it - didn't charge me for it straight away without my permission or anything as I've heard some companies do.

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John from Manchester, February 1, 2006

I cannot condemn this company enough. Firstly, they take a regular switch transaction so that you don't have the security of Direct Debit. This is especially important if you have a dispute with the company.
Secondly, their customer service is infuriatingly superior. After a problem they had taking a switch payment they sent me a patronising and very threatening letter. When I explained their error to them they didn't even apologise!
Their internet service is infuriatingly slow. And constantly crashes.
And now, having given up with them, I am trying to cancel. However, they are saying that the last games I returned have not been received. They have taken a further months rental from me and are threatening to charge me for the games before they terminate my account! This is highly suspicious given that the only problem I didn't have with was receiving and returning games efficiently.
Don't get scammed! Go elsewhere!

Value: Value Rating Design: Design Rating Service: Service Rating


John B, January 20, 2006

After posting my review and letting swapgame know. They have now fixed my problem, so I will post an update.
Prob: Web site slow
A: Generally, our website is now much quicker to navigate than it was previously, with page loads halved compared to before. There is still an issue with the log in being slow. However, we are currently optimising this procedure to quicken up log in.
Prob: No Online Manuals A: With regards to the games manuals, these can be found on the games page for the game you are renting by clicking on the instructions module on the right hand side. If this does not show, please email the team who will load this for you as we are constantly adding instructions to the website as new games are released.
So I now would like to recomend this company, and thank their Customer Service.

Value: Value Rating Design: Design Rating Service: Service Rating


John B, January 17, 2006

I have one major problem with Swapgame. They do not give the service they advertise. I joined and rented games, was OK with this. 1st problem, they say you can access game manual on line, can't get this to work and there is no online help for this problem. 2nd problem, the website is very very very slow, they say they are updating the server but it is still painfully slow. 3rd and most important they give you 1 month free if you refer a friend, so I refered a friend, they took the service. My free month was put in my pending column, it stayed in pending and never moved into my bank. So i complained they answered but did not fix the problem. I complained agian they answered and said that my friend had not taken up the service. I proved he had, they agreed (although the helpdesk guy was very ratty with me). At this point they have completly removed my free month from either the bank or the pending list. So I will now complain again for the 3rd time, and then cancel my membership, AVOID this company.

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Rich from Bristol, January 2, 2006

II tried Gametart for PSP games and although they specialise ended up coming back to Swapgame as their service is better and range similar. They may not be perfect, but I'd definitely recommend them as the biggest and best game rental company.

Value: Value Rating Design: Design Rating Service: Service Rating


Pete from Doncaster, December 26, 2005

More than happy with service, turnaround time, and range of Xbox titles. Seem more professional than some of the other outfits out there.

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