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The best of the Lovefilm "powered by" sites, though we still prefer the original--but no longer renting games We rank & review all 7 UK Games rental sites so you pick the best!
WH Smith Game Rental Review

Visit WH Smith rental SiteWH Smith no longer offers a game rental option, but we're keeping this review as it was for posterity.

WH Smith operate under their own name but their service is "powered by" the DVD rental market leader Lovefilm. Their affiliation to Lovefilm has advantages in that their range of titles is great, but as with most affiliate sites, the original is best - not just in better site design, but often in quality of service. Nonetheless, given the range of benefits and generally better customer comments, we do think WH Smith is the best of the Lovefilm powered by sites.

The games rental packages offered by WH Smith are games and DVD combination package - ideal for people wanting films as well, or more families. You can within these packages have all games, all films or a combination at any one time.

The site is certainly easy to navigate. Games are easy to browse by console and then by genre within each console as well. They also include recommendations such as hot lists, most popular listings, all time favourites, new releases etc. Should you choose to rent DVDs too, you also have access to a vast range (65,000+ titles) and they also offer a movie download service.

WH Smith are currently offering games for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PS3, Wii, and Gamecube. They have a surprisingly large catalogue of 3,100 titles, equivalent to the big games-only rental companies, of which there are 1600+ game titles for PS2, 100+ for XBox 360, 100+ for the Wii, 700+ for XBox and 300+ for PSP, GameCube (400+ titles) and PS3 (80+ titles so far).

From our own experience, we suggest, if it is games you are after more than DVDs, make a disproportionate amount of your wishlist games, and keep your wishlist short - effectively encouraging them to send games out rather than DVDs.


Prices: Notably WH Smith's combined games and DVD package is more expensive than DVD only, and if you like the system but want a cheaper price, Lovefilm is about one quid cheaper across the board. Unlimited games per month, one game at-a-time (£10.99), two-at-a-time (£14.99) and three at a time (£18.99). However, one thing sets them apart from Lovefilm, they do offer an impressive 30-day free trial, unmatched in the industry.


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Key Facts

WH Smith logo

Games/DVDs at a time:
1: 10.99
2 : £14.99
3 : £18.99

PS2 (1,600+)
PSP (300+)
Xbox (700+)
Gamecube (400+)
Xbox 360 (100+)
PS3 (80+)
Wii (100+)

Free Trial: 30 days, unbeaten in the industry

Titles: 3,100 total: 1600+ for PS2, 700+ for Xbox, 100+ for Xbox 360, 80+ for PS3, 100+ for Wii, 400+ for Gamecube, 300+ for PSP
Film Rentals: Yes (and movie downloads
Phone Contact:
01676 549010

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